Find out about opening a Starup in Croatia

Open a Startup in Croatia

According to statistics, Croatia ranks 50th out of 202 startup systems in the world, considering the strength and the interest of this important sector. Both local entrepreneurs and foreigners can easily open a startup in Croatia and can be helped by one of our representativesa who can provide guidance, information, and many more. Let one of our specialists handle the registration process of your startup in Croatia.

  • What kind of startup can I open in Croatia?
What kind of startup can I open in Croatia?
There are no restrictions in terms of business in Croatia, as long as the applicable laws are respected. Most of the startups in Croatia are found in the tourism sector, digital industry, software and data, manufacturing, design, e-commerce, retail, medicine, automotive, and many more. The interest in opening a startup in Croatia is quite big because great business ideas are supported and developed through all sorts of governmental programs. In matters of regulations, there are a few things to consider and pay attention to, such as:
  1. Choose the field in which you think you can develop your ideas and business.
  2. Prepare a solid business plan and make sure you hire a specialist to help you.
  3. Open a limited liability company for your startup in Croatia – this is the simplest business form available.
  4. Make sure you understand the hiring conditions, plus the ones related to accounting.
Opening startups in Zagreb, Croatia requires not only maximum attention to each step involved but also assistance and guidance from a specialist who can handle the entire process. This is where you can hire the services of our company formation representatives in Croatia, as they have experience in the startup sector. They can also help you prepare all the needed documents, plus the business plan which requires complete attention.

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